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“Ghosts don’t exist”, said the king to the ghost. “And I thought kings didn’t exist”, replied the ghost.

“Well then one of us is mistaken”, said the king.

“It seems so”, said the ghost, and so he started the ghost’s party.

A shy king who wishes to rule, a restless squirrel, a cat who is a sun worshiper, a crazy dog, the sea, the clouds… and the tea time ghost. The king wants to impose himself on the natural elements and discoversordering and obeying aren’t that important.

Suitable for ages three and over.
Adapted from Heinz Janisch´s story: “Der König und das Meer”,

illustrated by Wolf Erlbruchand editedby Lóguez Ed.
Puppet and prop construction: Edu Blanch
Puppeteer: Edu Blanch
Costume design: Emilia Esteban Langstaff

Special thanks to Rene Baker.

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